Friday, September 2, 2011

We're moving! The HORROR!

So... y'all already know we're moving.

 What you may not know is that we won't have DSL anymore. Goin' back to the old "bee-doooo, bee-doooo Khhhhhhhhh..." dial up. And I thought we lived in the sticks now.

And this also means we'll be without it entirely for a few weeks until we get the new phone worked out. We're working on a few options, none of them perfect. Long story short, my internet habits will be making a big change. Don't expect to see me around much this month. :-(

Those of you who have my number can still reach me by phone or text.

Pray for us. There's just all sorts of craziness going on with this move. Seems every time I turn around there's another surprise waiting for me.

Laundry calls. I'd meant this to be longer, but it's time I signed off for the night. God bless you all.

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