Friday, August 12, 2011

Day 12- A Song About Writing

When I saw today's challenge, only one song came to mind.

"They DIE!"

 I don't know the origins of this song. I believe it was writen by a NaNoWriMo participant, and is part of a larger work. I would credit him if I knew his name. It was introduced to me by way of some internet friends who are also NaNoers.

A struggling novelist tries his best to finish a scene in which a man comes home to find his wife guilty of something or other. While it may sound oddly disturbing to some, I think every writer can relate to the poor man at some point in his/her career.

And it's hilarious.

EDIT: Thanks to the efforts of our intrepid Rhoswen, I have been reminded that this is sung by The Playwright in the little-known musical "Enter The Guardsman". Full apologies to author, composer, and performer for my misrepresentation of their work.
She was kind enough to link me to this YouTube video of the same song performed by a contestant from American Idol. Enjoy!


  1. You do NaNoWriMo? Super cool, me too. ☺

    Awesome & funny song!


  2. I tried last year, but I got sick halfway through and wasn't able to catch up. This year I'm considering picking up the same tale again, or working on the story I keep talking about in these posts.

    That is, if the rest of my life calms down enough for me to write anything understandable. I shall at least have a calmer, less cluttered writing space by then. Perhaps even a desk! (currently using a cardboard box and my bed, due to lack of space).

  3. I think this video will help explain the song a bit:

  4. Thanks, Rosie. I'll edit that info into my post. :-) Now that you tell me I remember Petra saying it was from a musical...

  5. *tries to suppress the laughter (and guilt over laughing at) as song abut death* - cough

    I'm wondering whether I should follow Abigail's lead and start this challenge belatedly just for fun. Hmmm.

    I can actually think of two songs about writing. They're both about song writing, and Christian song writing in particular, but I think some of the sentiment may apply across the board.

    The first, I 'd have to search for the artist, but it talks about the fact that we only have 26 letters to express all we want to say (I think that might be the title - 26 Letters). The second is by the most popular South African Christian band of all time (Tree 63, you may have heard of them as they were based in America for some time). It's about writer's block.

    Ajjie >'.'<