Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Writer's Challenge, Day 3

Well, here it is on day 3 of Eat...Sleep...Write: 15 day challenge !

Do I have to?

I mean, Day three is... well... Do I really have to talk about my first writing attempt?



When I was a little grade-schooler, I decided to write a story about my favorite toy, Huggy Puppy. Yes, his name is Huggy Puppy. Yes, I did say IS, and yes, I still have him. See?

He's doing the best he can to look young and cute again. But considering he's over 25 years old now, it's getting harder.

Anyway, my book was all about Huggy Puppy, and how he lived with his mum and siblings on a farm. She told him not to go past the fence, or a fox might eat him. But of course he went anyway, because that's what curious little dogs do. Naturally, the fox appeared and scared the little pup half to death, and he went yelping home to Mum, having learned his lesson.

You know, if half my life wasn't currently packed up in storage, I could transcribe the whole story for you. But chances are you've already read it. The basic plot (as outlined above) was ripped nearly wholesale from a book I'd just read at the library. Yes, I began my career as a plagerist.

"Well, if you have to borrow, borrow from the best!"
"Where'd you get that?"
"I borrowed it."
(lovingly quoted from Jungle Jam and Friends)

Somewhere, probably amongst my old school things, is a very thin tome created of a few pages of composition paper, bound with yellow yarn. The front has a cutout to show the illustration of the main character within (Yes, Huggy Puppy willingly posed for me. And it's not too bad a picture, either.).

Now I think I'll go off and do something creative with textiles...


  1. aww I love it! My First writting attempt is less pretty...

  2. You are in the best of company, Lys. I still have my teddy bear that I got when I was three or four. ;-) And, yes, he still lives on my bed.

  3. Cute! I also, as a kid, made up stories about all of their adventures.