Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Writer's Edition 15 Day Challenge- Late for Day 1

Saw the Penslayer's doing this and, well, I think I follow Jenny around more than she follows me around. ;-)

Not sure I actually have time for this, but it seems easier than the Beautiful People posts. Just jabber about my favorite character I ever wrote, right? No problem. And yet this is my second draft, a day late. I think this proves I've let my writing skills drop considerably in favor of my other pursuits.

All the same, I'll give it another go.

My Favorite Character:

Gerard Rhodri, Terebinthian

Now, this is a place where Jenny and I came up with the same thing separately, before we even met.

Honestly, we did not know we had characters with the same name. It was entirely unplanned, I assure you, and the cause of no little surprise and amusement between us when discovered.

The name, however, where the similarities end.

My Rhodri (henceforth refered to as Gerard) was made for a Narnian RPG. I had a huge backstory for him- pretty much from birth to his late 20's- but I didn't really know much about him- how he interacted with others, what he enjoyed, what he hated, whether he had a temper.

He eventually resolved himself into a bundle of passions. Almost right out of the gate he fought a talking tiger which had attacked a small animal (to be fair, the tiger didn't realize it was a talking beast). The both of them nearly died from it, but did recover and much later became close allies.

That soon proved to be his character in a nutshell. Fiercely protective of his people (which in Narnia includes animals), he holds his temper against most insults- sometimes just barely, but he does it- but doesn't tolerate any assult of those he loves.

But there are a few things to be careful of around him. Don't insult his superiors- he gives his loyalty only to those he finds worthy, and he holds leaders to a high standard. So you start trash-talking them... you'll get a warning, but only one. Keep it up and you'll be breathing out your mouth for the next few weeks.

Worse is if you insult a woman. Any woman. Even so, he does have some level of restraint. He'll yank you out of the hearing/sight of said lady and then punch you.

He has a penchant for pity-parties and worrying himself sick, which really bothers me. We're working on it, and he's improving, little by little. He improved a great deal after finally putting his trust in Aslan, and now I think the continued improvement is due to his fairly new wife. Another player created a young woman named Marelina, Telmarine lesser nobility in exile. Somehow she always knows what to do to yank him out of his funk. And yank she does. Somehow, before 48 hours had passed in their acquaintence, she knew getting him to buck up would be more effective than the gentle consolation one would expect from such a lady.
I am quite proud of him these days. Currently Lois and I are in the midst of a loooooong drama which is about to culminate in the birth of their first child. He's doing well. No angst or dramatic worry (though I have to admit he had a scene or two of that earlier, but there was good reason. Honest.).

We also met his family- rough and tumble bunch, they are. I've likened them to tiger cubs. Of course, they're all grown up now, and there are nieces and nephews tumbling about under the table, but all in all 'tis a fine bunch to fall in with.

I believe I am beginning to ramble. But in conclusion, I'm happy to see Gerard grow as a character. I think he might be worth transplanting into a story of my own someday...


  1. Yay, Gerard! He really is a gentleman, once you get past the gruffness.

  2. Haha. And so long as you stay on his good side.

    I think the parole mellowed him out a bit. When you have the threat of /hanging/ for a bar-room brawl, you tend to think twice before rising to a fight.